Hi Guys, it’s Ney Ney from IM JUST CRAFTY! A place where we INSPIRE, TEACH, and MOTIVATE Creatives to turn their HOBBY into PROFIT. There are so many talented individuals in this world who have a genuine LOVE and PASSION for their craft. Many have dreamed of sharing their GIFT with others but maybe have not had the confidence, resources or time to do so.


Today is the day to get out of your own way and turn that DREAM into REALITY.


IJC University provides Online Courses, Virtual Workshops, Creative Meet-Ups (when safe to do so), and Craft Supplies... plus so much more!

As the Founder and Lead Creative at IJC University. Let me be the first to Welcome You to the U! I am so excited to finally be going after my DREAM combining my two loves (Creative Arts and Education) and sharing it with the world. This has been a looonnngggg time coming, but let me tell ya- it has totally been worth the wait.


After being a K-12 public school Educator for the past 22 years, I have learned alot about PATIENCE and TIMING. I believe that everything is done is "Divine Order" and my past experiences have prepared me for this moment right here.

In partnership with a local non profit, we have been GIFTED a RV that was converted to a mobile classroom. This amazing space is complete with 12 work stations, an insulated sound booth, and wiring for wifi, electrical outlets and much more. We are working to upgrade this vehicle and transform it into a mobile classroom. One of our most immediate needs is to upgrade this converted RV and contributions from our supporters will be used to offset the cost associated with custom wrapping the exterior of the vehicle. 

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The human race has been locked up behind closed doors for almost two years, but within this time there have been so many creative ideas unleashed. As we begin to open up and venture out, now is the time to put these creative ideas into reality. IJC University has been supporting creatives virtually through our online platform, but our desire is to create a physical space where “makers can make.” 


Our four phase plan is to create a mobile lab and acquire a total of 4000 square feet of flexible industrial space in the So Cal area that will provide resources, support and tools to allow fellow crafters' dreams to come true.